Blog Finds of the week

* The official blog of Canadian Style at Home magazine has everything you would expect it to. Launches, interesting decor and fabulous giveaways.

Sound Horn Please

* I love Sound Horn Please. This funky ‘Indian’ blog, written by a funky New Yorker has lots of colour, information and yummy photographs.


* Charlotte Ward’s beautiful blog has lovely home tours, Swedish decor and art that might make you want to tear up your credit card to prevent you from maxing it out on purchases.


* Yellow Trace Blog: Bet this one is already on your list. If it isn’t… enough said.

Solid frog

* I admire artists who can paint beautiful horses. For that reason alone, Mia Linnman’s blog and work is worth watching. She also has a series featuring her friends and relatives apartments, which I love, because it shows ‘real’ spaces with very steal-worthy ideas. Love this image, for example. Great photography, lovingly curated.

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Sound Horn Please said...

What a pleasant surprise! Thanks much Frangipani :) For a moment, I went 'Wait! What is my blog header doing here?!' hahahaha :)

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