December 16, 2014

A Bengaluru Christmas House Tour

I’m inviting photos of your home for a Christmassy house tour on the blog. A reader from Bangalore – Barnita De – responded with these lovely images of her home.

Barnita lives and works in Bangalore. Here’s what she says about her Christmas decor :

I have 2 lovely daughters and putting up the Christmas tree is like a yearly ritual. It is usually set up collectively on 1st December every year. We try to put up ornaments which are from a shop as well as some made by hand. This year it is a little different since I got back home from a trip from down under on the 1st of December. So most of the decorations are "sourced" ones rather than hand-made. We’ll correct the imbalance next year :-). 

Even with the lack of time and busy schedule, Barnita has put together a lovely and colourful display. Christmas is all about making good memories – and decorating the tree with your children is surely at the top of it!


Thanks for sharing your lovely home, Barnita and Merry Christmas to you and your family from us here.

If you would like to share glimpses of your home for a Christmas house tour, please email images to

November 10, 2014

Pillow Pets

Click image to see what a Pillowpet is!

I heard from the good people at GlobeIn recently about a new product in store called ‘Pillow Pets’. These adorable creatures are made in Guatemala by a self-help group and proceeds from the sales of PillowPets help this community.

Here’s how GlobeIn describes the project:

“In 2005, Hurricane Stan hit Guatemala and destroyed villages and communities all along the coast. The Pacutama and Chuicutama communities were hit particularly hard. Forced to leave their homes, the communities sought refuge in the mountains -- a safe but high-altitude environment where the arid and cold climate kept agriculture from sustaining the community like it had on the coast.

To make up the difference, the women turned to their traditional skills.

Today, 20 women from these resettled communities have formed the “Pacutama and Chuicutama Weaving Cooperative.” High in the mountains, they weave Guatemalan cotton thread into traditional Mayan fabrics with inspired geometric patterns. Working with Y’abal Handicrafts, a local NGO, the Pacutama and Chuicutama women send their cloth to Quetzaltenango (the nearest city), where local seamstress Sylvia Mazariegos sews the Mayan fabrics into whimsical creatures called Pillowpets

Browse through the lovely indigenous products on GlobeIn here.

November 8, 2014

I could (never) work here…

My dream work space: wall of windows, floor to ceiling bookcase. By Michael Haverland


Are you the kind that gets easily distracted by a good view? I do! Put me in front of a window and you can see the deadlines waltzing by. Which is why I prefer to face a wall and type. Even if there are a dozen of my favourite books in front of me, I will not be moved. A window is another story altogether.

So therefore, these gorgeous home offices are the stuff my dream home is made of. And one in which I could never do any constructive work. What about you?



Nice view of Central Park #office

Office at Central Park via

Office On The Water    This spectacular workspace seems to float above the bay.    Not for the easily distracted, Zacharko's office design features panoramic views of the waterfront. A glass waterfall desk disappears against the window, keeping with the ethereal feel of the holiday home.    Designer: David Zacharko & David Yustin




November 7, 2014

Holly Farrell

The latest issue of Covet Garden features the quirky home of Holly and Steven. The house is simple, but full of things the couple has collected over the years. What really stood out in the feature, though, was Holly’s stunning paintings. They look so real! I asked my five-year old to take a look and tell me what he thought and he insisted that one of them (Peep toe Shoes, 2012) was a photograph.

Amazing, isn’t it? I’m in love with her style. See more of her work here and walk through their lovely home here.

Images via Holly Farrell

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