Architect Kavan Shah's gorgeous green house in Mumbai

I was captivated by images of Architect Kavan Shah's apartment in Mumbai. Recently showcased in Good Homes magazine, this apartment stands out for two things: its touches of cement and the amazing plant life inside. 

Kavan Shah

I don't know how Shah fits a 7 ft tree in the apartment and manages for his plants to get enough light in the shadowy corners but whatever he does, it works. The images where the room is bereft of plants is quite startling as well, but shows that it is an elegant space, no matter what. 

I'm starting to realise that the height of plants makes a significant difference to decor as well. Instead of collecting a few dozen cluttered pots, invest in a couple of larger plants that will bring your room alive. 

Read the full story and drool over the pics here on Good Homes. 
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