July 30, 2014

India Inspired Style

Hello everybody! Don’t you absolutely love it when you see an image and think that this could be so easily translated to your home?

For those of us in India, we already have an abundance of gorgeous fabric tucked away in those nasty Godrej cupboards – why not display some of them? Keep the dust in mind, of course, and take out the most hardy ones. Keep that wedding trousseau firmly wrapped inside :)

01-033Elle Magazine May 2014/Captainandthegypsykid

All these images are from the same home and you can see how ethnic chic blends in beautifully with their decor. Try hanging a colourful kurta or embroidered children’s outfit on a wall paired with other interesting objects. Or just one massive mirror-work ghagra on a wall – stunning!

via @captainandthegypsykid

I’ve already done this in my son’s playroom – two long strings of colourful cloth birds adorning a doorway. An easy and inexpensive decor item.

Our birds!

Image via and here and here.

July 29, 2014

How to make a notebook from a paper bag

There you go – an excellent way to recycle all those lovely paper bags you’ve been hoarding (don’t deny it). Click on the image to go to the simple tutorial.

The House That Lars Built.: 5 minute bookbinding

via The House that Lars Built

July 28, 2014

Makoto Kagoshima

I came across the beautiful ceramics of Japanese ceramic artist Makoto Kagoshima recently and wanted to share them with you. There’s not much information available about the artist in English, but he does have a website where you can buy some of his stunning work.

This particular image brought to mind a Gond painting I once saw. Isn’t it charming?

July 26, 2014

I’d like to live here…

SwitzerlandTrip_Murren4.jpg via witandwhistle

What a stunning colour combination! Instead of going for the traditional white house, this black and green house really stands out against the mountains and the meadow. I’d love to see the interiors of such a bold home.


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