Claret and Vanilla

Sizing Down - 10 Apartment Mistakes You Need to Stop Making - Photos (Color scheme for Ribandar):

I can't get this image out of my head. I think it is the combination of the colours - the claret chair, accents, the red in the rug versus the vanilla walls and the hint of grey in the sofas. The green of the plant is the perfect foil to it all.  See more of this lovely house here.

Beautiful hotel libraries

This summer we traipsed through Sri Lanka, Bombay, Mangalore and a little bit of Goa. The hotels we stayed at had bookshelves full of dusty paperbacks, left behind by other travellers. A few in English but mostly in German, Spanish, some French. In Kandy, the B&B had as many cats as books, walls full of graffiti from visitors, and a pile of old architectural magazines going back all the way to the 90s.

None of the 'libraries' looked like this. We've clearly been staying at the wrong places.

Here are some more beautiful libraries in hotels. Maybe it's a good thing we were not in a place like the one above (Taj Falaknuma, Hyderabad). I'd probably never leave the room.

Ambassade Hotel, Amsterdam

Hotel Milano Scala, Milan

Viceroy Santa Monica, California
Kelly Wearstler not only designed, but also curated, the Viceroy Santa Monica's cheery yellow library. The collection features more than 2,000 books about art and culture.

Salviatino, Florence
Il Salviatino's stately candlelit library feels more like a private study, with its dark wood and leather furnishings. Here, you can read Italian romances and plan your stay with regional maps and guides—all with a glass of Tuscan wine in-hand.

The Nomad Hotel, New York
The NoMad's library may technically be a bar, but there's no reason not to grab a drink and peruse their extensive collection of books, which spans two levels connected by a spiral staircase imported from the south of France.

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