July 2, 2015

Colored Bookshelves

In India, most of us go in for bookshelves that are wooden or layered with natural-looking laminate. You'll occasionally find a red or blue shelf, but these tend to be limited to the kids rooms. I'm generalising, obviously, but these gorgeous coloured bookshelves make me want to rethink traditional colour choices. Do you have a coloured bookshelf at home?

Design Dozen: The World's Coolest Built-In Bookshelves | Apartment Therapy

blue painted built-ins, classic furnishings

Black bookshelves built into walls.


color for study

May 30, 2015

I'd like to visit here...

German Alps - Garmisch - Germany Truly my favorite little town in the world. My husband and I extended our stay we loved it so much and cannot wait to go back. This mountain was the view form our guest house balcony. Such a magical place!

What a gorgeous view! It would be super to live here nestled in the German Alps, in good weather. The thought of bundling up in snowy winter has its charms, but it is not for me.

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May 23, 2015

I'd like to live here...

Cooking & Dining

I'd spend more time in the kitchen if I had a view like that to look out to. See more pics of this beautiful Black Hill Farmhouse here

May 20, 2015

Montego Bay Goa

What's the point of living in Goa if you can't enjoy its nooks and crannies? We had a short summer break at Montego Bay. Right on the clean and quiet sands of Morjim, Montego Bay has a range of accommodation options. From wooden cottages, to little houses on stilts, to air conditioned tents, there's something to pique your imagination.

We've never stayed in a tent before, so that is what we choose. The tents are fairly roomy, with an AC built into the canvas and a fully-functional bathroom. The queen-sized bed was comfy with just the right amount of spring. 

A glimpse of the tents

The restaurant by the sea

The beach was clean and deserted.
Overall, we really enjoyed our stay there and would recommend the place for a day or two getaway. The restaurant is good, the breakfast plentiful, the surroundings lovely. 

My grouses? The tents are very basic compared to the cottages. There is no TV (a good thing, for sure, but just wanted to put that on record), no kettle or tea service (available in other rooms), no towels (we had to ask for them). The loo was not clean and no cleaning products were made available in the bathrooms. The surfaces of tables were super dusty and despite asking for them to be cleaned, this did not happen. Two of the three lamps did not work when we checked in. We complained to reception and replacement bulbs were only provided when we made a noise at dinner time. The swings outside the tents were dismantled and despite our request were not reassembled, although a couple of other tents had functioning swings. The small side table outside the tent was broken and we asked for it to be exchanged with one from the next tent (which was unoccupied) but it wasn't done. Small things, but it affects the overall experience. Also, the restaurant plays music until quite late in the night which interferes with the serenity of the location.

Overall, I'd still go again, but perhaps carry a duster and ear-plugs. 

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