January 23, 2015

Happiness is a Room without a Roof

My five year old and I have a new theme song – Happy by Pharell Williams. We’re singing it around the dining table, in bed, in the bath. We’re watching different versions of it on Youtube during dinner time or when a smile turns grumpy. ‘Happy’ turns the smile right back up (for both of us).

So it is inevitable that the song stays in my head, buzzing through my ears, stomping through my deadlines. And it creeps into this blog too, bringing sunshine, warm air, breezy curtains and starry nights. Because a Room without a Roof does not literally mean that – it means your happy place, where you feel safe, loved, creative, held.

These spaces would do that for me. They’re all from my fantasy-home folder on Pinterest and I seem to be drawn to shady (in a good way!), moody rooms.

Zen Meditation Room....indoor - outdoor great space


sundaylatte:    perfect art mini studio. want.

layout for study 'office'

Do you have a happy place? Send me images at frangipanidecor at gmail dot com and I’d love to feature it here!

January 20, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings

The New Year is always a good time to feel optimistic. It is the promise of a fresh start, of new beginnings that makes this month special.

this is the beginning of anything you want

What plans do you have for this year?

I plan to renovate some old bookcases…

A good look for the tall cupboards in the study?

…use this image as the colour inspiration for my new office/studio…

colour scheme for the 'office'??

decorate the end of all our hallways and corridors with a focal point – art, a plant or something else

an uncluttered hallway with a focal point at the end

find a gorgeous photo from our travels for something like this …

oversized photos from travels

and dig out my long-forgotten paints to create a simple artwork like this.

Would love a portrait of M like this

Do-able, huh?

Happy New Year everybody. Let’s get fresh!

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December 25, 2014

A Christmas Home Tour

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s that special time of the year already! Has Santa been to your home yet? He came by ours late last night, ate the *two* biscuits that M kept out for him (“because if he eats more than two at every house he goes, his tummy might hurt”) and left a lovely letter for M along with some much appreciated presents.

While you are enjoying your Christmas meals and festivities with family and friends (including the fun of unwrapping presents), here’s a peek into a home in the Middle East. I saw these photos on Facebook and asked my friend to send me more. Unfortunately, she had just taken down most of her decorations as she was flying to India soon to spend Christmas with family here. Perhaps next year we’ll be able to see more of her lovely holiday decor! Some of these images are from her mother’s home as well.



2014-12-15 00.46.22

Fun toilet cover, E!

Toilet seat cover



E starts decorating in mid-October. I thought that was pretty early and asked her about it.

We had gone to the Philippines for a holiday 3 years ago and  there they start decorating at the beginning of the ‘ber’ months which is September. So now it is not just me; the few families I know here also start decorating mid October. Most of us are not even here for Christmas so we at least enjoy a decorated home from mid-October. Every weekend we meet up at a home to enjoy the season. I love decorating for Christmas!



 panaromic view

 Saudi Snowman Sugar bottle

 Tissue Holder

Thanks for sharing your home with my readers, E! I hope you had a lovely trip to India and a wonderful Christmas with your family here. Looking forward to next year’s photos :)

And Merry Christmas to you, my lovely readers. I hope you are having a lovely day full of good weather, scrumptious food and kind people at your table to share the goodness with.

December 16, 2014

A Bengaluru Christmas House Tour

I’m inviting photos of your home for a Christmassy house tour on the blog. A reader from Bangalore – Barnita De – responded with these lovely images of her home.

Barnita lives and works in Bangalore. Here’s what she says about her Christmas decor :

I have 2 lovely daughters and putting up the Christmas tree is like a yearly ritual. It is usually set up collectively on 1st December every year. We try to put up ornaments which are from a shop as well as some made by hand. This year it is a little different since I got back home from a trip from down under on the 1st of December. So most of the decorations are "sourced" ones rather than hand-made. We’ll correct the imbalance next year :-). 

Even with the lack of time and busy schedule, Barnita has put together a lovely and colourful display. Christmas is all about making good memories – and decorating the tree with your children is surely at the top of it!


Thanks for sharing your lovely home, Barnita and Merry Christmas to you and your family from us here.

If you would like to share glimpses of your home for a Christmas house tour, please email images to

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