Green Thumb Decor at the Mint House

I’ve been moving plants in and out this week. This is what it looks like at the moment.

The entrance hall has three bookshelves along one wall. Here’s one:P1200890

This is the Fiction and Poetry cupboard (English language books only). Part of my TBR collection is housed here, as a reminder to get moving on them.


I got this container from the Dastakari Haat that came to Goa last year. It sits in a vintage plate and the shells and pebbles are from a recent trip to Vainguinim Beach.


Our telephone table gets a shot of green in a shell vase.


In one corner of the veranda, a Periwinkle stands guard with a terracotta duck. A windmill spins madly in the April breeze.


This table needs some serious love. It is wooden, the polish long worn off in the onslaught of the monsoons; the top is marble and could do with a scrub/polish. I really like this table and hope to revive it, perhaps for indoor use someday…


Close-ups of the table vignettes. The brown tips on the plant are not due to lack of care. That’s the pink flowers saying goodbye and making way for a fresh bunch. Really.

The ceramic watering can is also from Dastkaari Haat.

P1200900 P1200901 P1200913

Did you notice Pinocchio hiding in the forest? You can catch some of his adventures on my other blog.


The long ledge running along the front of the house has a whole row of assorted greens. I want to paint these pots a deep maroon, so that they’ll stand out.


Right now, we are a pink garden. There’s bougainvillea,P1200903

and Periwinkle P1200906

and this one that I don’t know the name of.


We’ve also got a new growth of coriander that survived the pigeons. P1200908


Thanks to Patty for this lovely series on her blog. I’ve got tons of inspiration for my ‘garden’!


Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

lovely greens,loved the table and the watering can

Miss Frangipani said...

Thanks, Lakshmi!

GB said...

Loved the peek into your space, Ms. Frangipani!

Unknown said...

wonder how i missed ur blog...loved ur green thumb dec...all ur containers are amazing collection...loved the way u planted...

Miss Frangipani said...

Thanks, GB! Howdy'a like my new moniker?

Nisha, welcome! Will check out your blog,too.

A Sunny Yellow Window said...

Ah I love these photographs of your home.. beautiful corners!

Miss Frangipani said...


Anonymous said...

Im so so glad you joined in.. so we could see all these treasures from your home!! Saying that... the water can is to die for... If I was in goa.. Id come take it from you!! :-)

Thanks so so much for joining in.. :-)

Sound Horn Please said...

LOVED that water can! Nice to finally get a peek into your place :)

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