An exercise in awareness

I was inspired by Laurel from Happy at Home to do an 'Exercise in Awareness'. Today's exercise was :

List your 10 most important things (not including animals or people).

Here goes:

  1. Being able to write
  2. My notebooks, diaries and blogs
  3. My other books
  4. A clutter free house
  5. Green spaces
  6. Silence. Quiet in my day.
  7. Playing with new technology & the internet
  8. My external hard-drive with its thousands of photographs
  9. Leading a life based on simple principles. Like Wabi-Sabi
  10. My laptop (or any computer)

That's what I can think of at the moment. And if you asked me to choose something I'd have difficulty living without, it might be 1 & 6...

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