Friday's Finds {for children, on Etsy}

This resolution to be posting every day in August is not working out very well. Between sleepless nights, errands, worrying about deadlines and figuring out what semi-solids to introduce baby to, the days and nights are a big, fat blur.

Baby's sleeping at the moment and I'm finding solace in the lovely finds from Etsy over on Knack Studios. Each item is lovely and makes me wish I had made them. From colorful lockets to thank-you seals, to a fun laptop cover and button pins, there's something for everybody. Go,take a look.

Because I have baby on my mind, here are a few things I thought he would like:

Ideal for the times when you're not sure what day or month it is :) via Picky Sticky

Rocking horse via Bellahope

via Shea Chic Designs

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