Love...The Regional Assembly of Text

First of all, what a great name.

I found this website through Design*Sponge, which had featured this incredible typewriter cake that TRAT had for their 4th birthday. What ingenuity!

The store, run by Rebecca Dolen & Brandy Fedoruk focuses on text as a theme and has books, zines and even a letter writing club. That last one is such a great idea, I'm tempted to try it here myself.

Their cute store has everything from journals, pillows, stationery to wooden boxes. If you can't visit them (or even if you can!), try their online store for some lovely stuff.
Top marks to creativity on the website. I love the designations that Rebecca (Co-founder, Partial President and Answerer of Telephone) and Brandy (Co-founder, Partial President and Locator of Lost Items) use.


Aimee said...

Thanks for sharing this great company with us! Your Blog is beautiful!!!

The Old Painted Cottage said...

I wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my “before & after” home make-over on Design*Sponge. There’s many photos they didn’t include, along with more info about our remodel. You can visit my blog to learn more at The Old Painted Cottage.

Jennifer Grey
The Old Painted Cottage

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