Saree curtains

It was these saree curtains from Lisa Corti (pic 1) that got me thinking. Our heritage home has 20 ft+ ceilings with really tall Dutch doors. I was just looking at our bedroom windows one day, and thinking about what kind of window coverings would work here and not be too inexpensive because of the height. Sarees came to mind straightaway. With their 6 yard length, one could play around with cheap sheers to expensive silks, simple cottons and colourful ones from every region of the country. You could have one for every month of the year and not have to stitch another hem in place!

Google helped me find several examples of saree curtains. These will work well anywhere, although I'd skip the silk versions in India because they'd make a room look very heavy and over-dressed. I love the idea of using sheer cottons that filter sunlight and make a room look cosy, not stuffy.

Sari shower curtain (!)
Photos above via

via (stitch saree panels to simple Ikea curtains)


and my favourites for their simplicity, versatility and elegance:



Struggler said...

Love this look; as you say, it can be a fairly inexpensive way of getting the necessary coverage.

I have an award to offer you, if you'd care to come on over to Struggling to be Stylish to collect it.

Torie Jayne said...

Love these, so pretty and striking! Have a sweet day!

orchid said...

Love the white curtains..Simplicity in design. Really enjoyed reading this write up Chrys..Way 2 go gal

MogulinteriorDesign said...

lovely prints....
nice article

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