Where are the wires?

When you look at hundreds of photos of beautiful homes, you could be forgiven for thinking that houses are meant to look like this. I bought into the myth, for sure. That explains why I'm never happy with the way my house (and that of other people's) are never satisfactory.

That realisation doesn't stop me from still looking. And then looking some more.

These days, though, while I still browse the hundreds of decor blogs and magazine sites for inspiration, I'm aware that most photos are 'staged', for maximum effect. 'Real' houses, with 'real' people and 'real' children are slightly different. Sure, you find readers houses that are as stunning as any that a magazine might put on their cover. But the majority of well-kept homes tend to be, umm, a little less tidy (or so I think).

How do you tell the difference? Well, for starters, the quality of the photograph usually tells you whether an amateur or professional took it. Secondly, if everything is in place, colour coded and looks like it should be in a magazine, it probably is. Third, and the most important one in my view, is look for the wires.

Real houses tend to have wires visible in their photos. You know, wires from lamps, computers, tv's and other 'real home' accessories. These ugly essentials are cleverly hidden in the magazine photos (or airbrushed?).

Take a look at these photos. I'm specifically using photos of home offices because that is where you are likely to have computers, printers, desk lamps etc. Can you spot the wires?

What I'm interested in is where the plug points for such suggested decor would be?

(via potterybarn) - where's the wire for the desk lamp? The PC's probably wireless. Maybe the lamp's solar powered with all that light!

(via This one is 'real' for sure! There are wires from the lamp leading to the bureau at the back where computer wires and an adapter crawl on the floor as well.
(source unknown) Maybe the lamp has a wire going behind the desk - and then where?
(via Again, I'd love to know where the plug points for this setup is.
(via BHG) Ah, wires!
How do you hide your wires?

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