Love…Once upon a tea time

onceI discovered ‘Once upon a tea time’ rather late, sometime December 2009. The blog has since become one of my daily decor fixes. I love the fresh home tours, the glimpses of the bloggers home and the lovely vignettes of tea-cups and teapots.

Today’s post, for example, asks you to love your home the way it is. For those of us who spend hours browsing through shelter magazines, blogs and websites taking in all that picture perfect, uncluttered examples of real or imaginary rooms, keeping up can be hard work. Just keeping my dressing table clear is a Herculean effort these days. With a 10 month old underfoot, toys have taken over the floor and child-proofing has made mince-meat of any porcelain, glassware or other delicates that we used to display.

There are not that many Indian decor bloggers around (compared to the rest of the decor clan), so when I find one I really like, I make it a point to let everybody else know!

If you don’t already have OUATT on your blogroll, add it right now!

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Anonymous said...

How very nice of you! Thank you for this wonderful post about my blog and I am glad you like it.

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