Stockholm StreetStyle

It was The Sartorialist that first got me hooked on street photography. I love his way at looking at ‘regular’ people and the way they dress. Then, I found the absolutely lovely (and very funny) Garance Dore. Quite a team, that Scott and Garance. They inspired me so much that I’ve always got our SLR in hand whenever I’m keeping on eye on my busily-crawling-baby in our mile-long (well, almost) verandah. I have got some nice people shots, but it is not really street photography. I think I’ve got to get out into the street for that!

Anyway. I’ve just discovered Stockholm Street Style and it is really quite nice. The images are large and they feature an eclectic blend of lovely people. I really like this image. Isn’t that little girl cute?


Photo via Stockholm StreetStyle

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