Love…Sotodecor, Goa

I recently profiled Sotodecor, an amazing store in Goa, for The National (a newspaper published in the UAE). Sotodecor is owned by Sonja Weder and Thomas Schnider, Swiss nationals who now call Goa their home.

Soto products are unlike anything available here – beautifully crafted furniture, lamps and art work all embellished with nature’s discards and sealed with layers of lacquer until a smooth finished is achieved.

The technique is similar to decoupage, but the finish is extraordinary. I was very impressed with the quality of Sonja’s work and the attention to detail. L and I were so taken by the work, that we have now placed an order for our own custom-made lamp – more on that later!

Read my article here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chryselle, The article was really well-written and I enjoyed reading it.

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