Soto décor - 2

Remember my recent post on Soto décor? Here are some photos that we took during my visit to Sotohaus.

The wall art is by Sonja Weder and it is really beautiful. The lamps are acrylic with a cloth insert and have seeds, snake skins or flowers lacquered on to the acrylic.


Sonja’s affordable nature sets. You can buy these in sets (mix and match – your choice). The photo does not really show the tactile nature of the frames or the amazing colours in all its glory. The canvas has leaves, seeds, pods and strips of bark lacquered on an acrylic paint base.


I loved these snake-skin lamps made from moulted snake skin found by Sonja. They are beautiful (and this is from someone who doesn’t care much for snakes otherwise).


Look at this exquisite creature!


A close-up of a lamp with seeds


and Sonja’s trademark leaves - gorgeous


Sonja and Thomas themselves are very friendly and lovely to talk to. I hope to see them again soon and we’re looking forward to our custom project being completed.

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