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Heidi Claire

Heidi Claire (found via Brabourne Farm’s blogroll) suffers from the Dreamer's Disease and the Creative Disease. I think most of us have these too – they are contagious! Her lovely blog is full of evidence of her illness. One of her latest posts, for example, is a treasure trove of bathroom photos (it felt very odd to write that – but you know what I mean).

VT Interiors - Library of Inspirational Images

Viera’s blog has been around for some time and is a favourite for many bloggers. You can see why – she posts large photos and takes the trouble to find images that are not already on a hundred blogs.

The next five blogs were already on my blogroll, but had moved homes and hadn’t been updated on my list yet. Here’s to rediscovering these lost bloggers!

The Deco Detective, Lily G, Urban Grace Interiors, Desire to Inspire and Simply Grove

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Patricia Torres said...

Oh my... you've got such an awesome blog... why didnt I bump into you earlier???

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