Bollywood, Tollywood, whatever.

A recent post on Designwali’s blog reminded me of these images that I had seen ages ago on ‘Lime in the Coconut’, one of the very few ‘tropical’ blogs around (if you know of others, please let me know).

Bollywood, especially using images as art, has consistently gained in popularity around the globe. For those of us who can tell the difference, look beyond Mumbai’s Hindi cinema. There is a whole (technicolored) world throughout the country – from the flamboyant South Indian blockbusters, to make-you-think Bengali cinema, to the boisterous Punjabi or Bhojpuri dramas.

These images are from Marie Claire. Is this a real place or just something styled for the shoot? I’d go a bit bananas with so much going on around me. I’d settle for the chair and table (third pic) though – that’s do-able.




See more photos here.

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