Blog Finds of the Week

The Diversion Project

The Diversion Project does what it says on the tin. It’ll suck you into its pages of elegant interiors, good design and endless diversions. And before you know it, the night will have gone by and your breakfast will have gone cold. You have been warned – set a timer before you go browsing through this one.

Nice Does Matter – the new Emily Post.

The Balcony Garden

For those of us who don’t have acres of land (or even a small backyard) to call our own, help is at hand via The Balcony Garden. I love blogs that focus on container gardening and help us balcony-dwellers to have some green in our lives. If you know of other such blogs, please let me know.

Anna Emilia

Anna Emilia is one of those writers that make me sigh – and wish for myself some of her lyrical writing style. Just take a look at her ‘About Me’ paragraph to see what I mean :

This is a weather diary of colors, wind speed and sounds under feet in my illustrated life.

I mean, why doesn’t it occur to me to write like this, huh?

There’s more than just good writing on the blog, though. Visit for a good dose of illustrations, murals, paintings and other lovely goodies.


Patricia Torres said...

oh nice... I'm off to check them :-)

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

wow, thanks heaps for your kind words!! so glad you like the blog, but sorry your cup of tea went cold : )


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