Shop Find: Cox and Cox

This UK store has some amazingly beautiful (*must find some new adjectives to use*) products for the home.

I would like a pair of these angel wings, please. No idea what I’d do with them, but still…

Carved Angel Wings

Hyacinth bulb vases in pretty colours

Three Hyacinth Bulb Vases

Cool crown hooks for only £12 each

Crown Hook

Now, this is really ME!

Domestically Challenged Apron

Blackboard Peg Rack

Blackboard Peg Rack (SOLD OUT)

gorgeous jewelled spoons

Small Jewelled Spoons (Available Early September)

and much much more! Take a look here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Amazing, awesome, beautiful, drool-worthy- you run out of them pretty soon :)

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