Would you…

…decorate a traditional home with modern furniture and accessories? This is one of the dilemmas we have here, at our home. We live in an-almost 200 year old Goan house filled with old furniture, crockery and all the other issues that period homes bring with them (beautiful tiled roofs that leak during the monsoons, impossibly high ceilings that are an arachnid’s delight, exposed wiring and lack of storage space as most of the furniture is more decorative than functional). I can’t imagine a white, minimalistic sort of decor here, for sure. Those lamps might fit in, though.

Could you…have a bath in an opulent tub such as this? I’d be worried about getting the curtains wet!

Would you…have crates of wine in your guest bathroom (along with part of your library)? I would, I would! (The wine collection might not last long enough there, though).

Image via sweethomestyle, NYT

1 comment:

Patricia Torres said...

the bathroom... Gosh! gorgeous!

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