Please excuse the (hopefully brief) pause in blogging. Deadlines are lined up like dominoes, my toddler has postponed his bedtime and renovation of an old room has begun in the house (our antique wooden floors look like they've migrated to the Sahara. The dust from the work is thick enough to draw on).

We remembered to take photos of the room after the existing plaster was taken off. It was interesting to see the criss-cross of wooden beams embedded in a brick wall. Of course, we also found some more termites and had to call pest control again. Fun.


Patricia Torres said...

all fun!! and a good part of life... I have the same prob with my girls.. thanks to the holidays.. there is no bedtime.. at all..

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Just saw a pic of your lovely old home on Once upon...honestly, I would so love to live in a house like yours - it's my dream home!

I then came here and saw a post of YOUR dream home. Why would you want to live there, when you have such a nice place already?:) Is it the high maintenance thing?

Well I have lots to talk to you about, but I think I will wait until I obtain your email id, and properly send you a mail about it!


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