Ampoules – need creative ideas for these

L’s grandfather was a famous doctor in Goa. He had his own lab where he worked on treatments & medications for all sorts of ailments, from eczema to gout to rheumatoid arthritis to leprosy & tuberculosis. After his sudden and untimely death in 1949, the family packed away most of his laboratory effects, books and other equipment.

In the attic, among other things, are five huge crates /tubs full of these very delicate, glass ampoules. They are of various sizes and are all empty.

Any creative ideas for re-using these?




GB said...

Chandelier? that's the first thing that came to mind----you'll probably need to work with a metalsmith to get little rings to hold them in place and an electrician to put in the wiring but it can be done. Also look into a local engineering school and see if a student wants to take it up as a project! (my dad loves to tinker around with stuff, but now he's getting old. :)--he would have loved this in his younger days!)

How fun--please do share the pictures of the finished project!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother made a glass gazebo/ mandir kind of miniature structure using empty vaccine bottles topped with colored glass marbles and couple of glass discs. It was the most beautiful, intriguing for me as a kid to see the colored and clear glass catch the sun's rays and make wonderful reflections in the room.

Ooh that reminds me how about a sun catcher? The chandelier idea sounds good too. Do let us know what you created out of this.

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