The Balcony Garden

I’m always looking for ideas and inspiration for our little ‘garden’ perched precariously on the veranda ledge. Every design magazine worth its name has a garden section and you will occasionally find some gems on colour, storage and pots that will make you want to dig out that shovel again. There are not that many blogs dedicated exclusively to the urban garden, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the ones listed below. If you know of more, please leave a link in the comments.

The Balcony Garden : Written by Sue Swift from Italy, this marvellous blog has lots of tips, inspiration and lovely photos of a balcony garden. There are vegetables and flowers and useful posts for gardeners like ‘How to water your plants when on holiday’. It is admirable how much she gets done in her little space and I hope to steal some ideas be inspired soon. Her blogroll has some interesting gardening links and I’m going to check them out as well.

India Garden has a few interesting posts on gardening but hasn’t been updated since July.

The Urban Balcony is another good read for wanna-be greenthumbs. Again, the site hasn’t been updated since May, but the archives are worth browsing through.

Here are some images that might make you want to take a fresh look at your potted plants.

grahamand green


lisacorti via indiansummer

saigon planters pottbarn

via graham and green

Images via Graham and Green, Helen Fickling Photography, Lisa Corti, Pottery Barn, Graham and Green

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Rekha said...

My fav are the pink plant holders and the blue ones too, simply refreshing...these ideas makes one take a fresh look at gardening..

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