Blog Finds of the Week

You might want to add these to your blogroll if you don’t have them yet!

Jeanasohn : Jeana (pronounced like ‘Gina’) is an artist living in LA. Her blog is full of fantastic closet-raids of some gorgeous gals and divine photography. The bad news is that you are likely to spend some time on your computer because not only is Jeana’s blog worth reading till the end, but the links on her posts might transport you to another world, one full of vintage jewellery, carefully curated furniture and beautiful, beautiful homes.

Bijou and Boheme

Christine of ‘Bijou and Boheme’ has a lovely home and a fun, stylish blog. You can see photos of the house here on the Decorista.

Simply Seductive

Simply Seductive is another blog stocked with lush editorials, impossibly lean models, unbelievable shoes and thankfully-easy-to-copy inspirational pictures like this one.

The Marion House Book is a new favourite. I love Emma’s ‘Hello, Neighbour’ series which takes readers on a tour of her neighbour’s houses (Toronto, Canada). I’d love to try something like that here, but am not sure if my neighbours would be that accommodating…


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