Blog Finds of the Week

This week’s finds:

Shelterpop: A little like Casa Sugar, but easier to navigate. Lots of interesting articles, nice photographs and ideas to steal, including a section on Famous people’s houses.

Compai: Justina Blakely writes this elegant blog (recently featured on D*Sponge). Stop by for a daily dose of decor, fashion, art and her very own ‘I dressed myself’ series which is quite fun.

Someday Crafts

Someday Crafts : Easy DIYs and links to other equally lovely blogs. Am enjoying the Christmas ideas on the blog at the moment. Might try out this one

Organize and Decorate Everything

Organise and Decorate Everything: Just like it says.


GB said...

Oh you need to check out Justina's Flickr as well. Genius!

Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. lovely.. Im off to check more! :-)

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