Love… Nilesh Bharti’s paintings

Gallery Gitanjali is one of my favourite art galleries in Panjim. Set in the colourful Fontainhas quarter of the city, the gallery is part of the Panjim Inn precinct and is a lovely place to visit to see art, sculpture or while away a torpid afternoon on their verandah with a cup of chai or a cool drink.

On a recent visit, I was struck by the beauty of these charcoal and pastel work on paper by Nilesh Bharti. You may get a sense of their beauty from these images, but the real paintings are so much more beautiful. It reminded me of Mahabaleshwar on a foggy December morning – the air is crisp, a little blue and you can’t see much ahead. 


Blue Morning-I

CST Gate

Old Shiva Temple

Blue Morning-III

Ganga Ghat in the monsoons

and I really loved this one…

Newspaper delivery (I thought it was a photograph when I first saw it, draped in that blue light. Lovely.)

All photographs via Gallery Gitanjali.


Patricia Torres said...

*sigh* what gorgeous paintings!!

Umesh U V said...

Remarkable paintings I would say, all the best Nilesh!
Umesh U V
art consultant

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