Love…SWA jewellery

I discovered SWA while combing through my spam folder today. It’s always a good idea to check your spam before deleting it – you never know what might be lurking there by accident.

SWA’s email announced that they were now retailing at The Orange Bicycle (fun name!) in Bangalore. If you can’t get to B’lore, head to their Etsy shop instead.

I’m not a gold-kind of person (silver is my preferred metal), but I really like the look of these beaten gold coins against a green chain. At $20, it isn’t expensive either. I’m just trying to figure out what the chain is made of – the etsy listing says “emerald green chain necklace”, but that is really just describing the colour, isn’t it? I might just email them to find out!

Green chains and Gold Drop pendants necklace

I also liked the look of this gun-metal rod necklace ($15)

Gun metal rods necklace

This gold pendant caught my eye as well, but I don’t like the glass beads with it. I feel the pendant would have looked a little more classic, more grown-up without the beads. What do you think?

Big textured Gold Pendant with faceted glass beads

They’ve also got stock on their website that is not on Etsy, like this pink wire mesh pendant with chain (only Rs.175/-)

and these really cute pendants from their ‘Tots and Tweens’ range:


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