Michelle Obama shops for Indian handicrafts

Looks like the First Lady enjoyed her visit to India. According to reports, she visited the Crafts Museum at Pragati Maidan in Delhi and shopped. And then shopped some more. Apparently, she shopped till she ran out of the Rs.80,000 (approximately $1800) that she had with her.

Here’s some of what she bought: Bed spreads, wooden toys, Ganeshas, traditional dolls, bags, key chains, four embroidered kantha bed spreads, Kutchi mobile phone bags, Kutchi dolls and a from Gujarati 'yogi thailas', (cloth bags with sequins and heavy embroidery). These, apparently are going to be the perfect Christmas gifts for her friends.

Wish I could spend that much cash in a day shopping for ‘crafty’ things :)

Have you been to this museum in Delhi?

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Patricia Torres said...

Oh how nice!! I havent been to this museum.. but atleast now I know.. for next time..

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