Take a walk with me

in this secret garden. Wind your way through a trellis of roses, pink and abundant. Breathe in that glorious air and savour that soothing green.


Walk with me. Forget about your to-do list, the dinner on the stove, the homework on the dining table. Leave behind thoughts of deadlines, groceries or bills to be paid. Walk into this peace. Walk into this quiet. Sit awhile. Breathe.



Meander. When was the last time you did that?


Nesmith Point Hike

Burn some bridges. Keep some.


Mossy Arch

For now, hide away from the world


Peek a boo

Take heart. The week is half over. The best is yet to come.

All photos via Outdoor Sanctuaries – my new favourite tumblr.


SuhaelAmrita said...

Beautifully expressed...... Takes away the mid week fatigue!

GB said...

Lovely post!

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