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If you get tired of using terracotta pots all the time, here are some unusual ways to house your plants. A great way to bring greenery into the home (especially if space is limited) is to use smaller containers. Think outside the box – here are a few ideas to get you started:

Old trophies or wide-bowled candle-stands / diya-lamps make a lovely setting for a single succulent. Flea-market trophies would be ideal for experimenting with something like this.


Reuse old baskets or leftover florist-baskets to house some buds.

CH&I Mag

Vintage coffee-cans make an ideal container for little plants

coffee_cans via sheterrific

And a neat row of tea-tins could be an ideal herb-garden

via delacriox tumblr

How about an egg-cup holder for a little spot of green on the kitchen counter?

egg cup planters via designsponge

If you prefer the giant coffee-mugs (or live out of Starbucks) put those floral tea-cups to good use with a spring bulb or two.

Flickr bf

Cactii look great in tea-cups, too!

Homes & Gardens Mag bf

So does brightly coloured foliage in an equally cheery cup.

mad momma worpress

And if you run out of cups, cans or candle-stands, dig out that old light-fixture lying in the attic and fill it with a gorgeous plant instead. How’s that for innovation?

old light fixture turned planter


Images – source not known, CH&I mag, Shelteriffic, Delacriox, Design*Sponge, Brabourne Farm, Homes & Garden, Mad Momma,  source not known.

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Patricia Torres said...

Oh very pretty!! I like the Twinings idea.. and may just impelement that one..

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