Today is National Cover Anything in Chocolate Day

In honour of my birthday, the US celebrates ‘National Cover Anything in Chocolate Day’. Yes, really.

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a perennial favourite


Pretzels soaked in chocolate sound like fun, too

as do these bananas!

ever try Squids in chocolate?

Or a even a chocolate-covered car (such a waste of good chocolate)

There’s even chocolate covered grasshoppers and scorpions available, but I don’t want to have them on my blog!

With my advancing age, I’d rather stick to the tried and tested


I meant

a slice of chocolate cheesecake, if I can find one.

That is, if you-know-who hasn’t got his tiny hands on it yet.

Still, chocolate-covered kisses from my baby might be the best present I get. And calorie-free,too (almost)!

What will you cover in chocolate today? :)

(All images link to the original source directly)

1 comment:

GB said...

Happy birthday!! Hope it's full of chocolate and free of guilt! :D

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