Antiques on sale – what I bought

Remember this little antique sale I posted about?

Everything was so lovely and pretty reasonably priced. Space constraints prevented us from buying much, but I couldn’t resist these:

A wooden chest from Gujarat (Ahmedabad) (Rs.1200 only). Not sure what the vintage is, but I loved the little nooks and crannies inside. Am currently using it to store my vast collection of…stationery :)

It would make a nice jewellery box as well, but I have no extra place for it in our bedroom at the moment. Any other creative uses?

 P1190167 P1190168 P1190169 P1190170

Then, take a look at this one:

 P1190160P1190164P1190163P1190162P1190159  P1190161  

It is actually an antique farming implement which would be used during sowing. Grain goes in the big round hole at the top and comes down through the three holes at the bottom to produce neat rows of grain in the soil. I really liked the two different designs on either side of the main body. You could use it as a candle stand as well, but it really looks nice the way it is, I think. We paid Rs.2500/- for this.

Good buys?


Sound Horn Please said...

Oh lovely! Love the grain thingy that can double up as candle stands. Reminds of antique sugar moulds. Also love those tiny compartments inside the trunk. Envious of your buys!

Designwali said...

fantastic buys....oh man I need to go shopping with you....

Anpu said...

Fantastic buy...where did you buy them?

Frangipani Decor said...

@Anpu: See this post:

SHP / Designwali: If you're ever in Goa let me know. Would love to go shopping with you guys :)

indian yarn said...

you can put wheels on the chest and use it as a center table or move around and use it as you please - an extra seating, side table, use it as a shoe box, or keep your outof season clothes or kids toys or magazines or simple use it to stash way a pile when you want to hide the stuff when guest comes your way ! :)

those grain moulds are used on the farm - put them on a mantel and it will be a great conversational piece ..

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