I could work here

created at: 01/18/2011

The minute I saw this little work-space, it intrigued me. It made me wish. It made me sigh. I took a moment to study it a little more, to understand what was it that made me go ‘Wow’.

The first thing I really noticed in the photo was the light. The windows are beautiful and so simple without any drapes or blinds. The desk itself is lovely and doesn’t feel cluttered even though there are several objects on it. I’m also a little in love with that armchair next to the desk – the one with the cushion. I think you might find me curled up there often, browsing through your blog or enjoying adding to my to-do list (just adding, not subtracting :)

There are no bookshelves or artwork or anything that I would have usually required to make this space ‘mine’ and suddenly, I’m okay with that. I think it comes from having a toddler around, from not having too much breathing space or a calm space to escape to (the bathroom doesn’t count). I’m moving this pic to the top of my home-office wishlist. Given the projects we have to complete (clear attic, renovate one room under attic landing for L’s music room, polish and move furniture into this new room (some of which is in my ‘office’), THEN clean and re-decorate my space) before we can reclaim my little office space (that I had before Mr. M came along), expect to see this happen sometime around May :) 

Where do you work? Do you have a ‘dream workspace’?

Image via Curbly


Designwali said...

Ooh i could work here too!

GB said...

Hmmmm, yes please!

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