A Literary Hotel in Paris

Were you in Paris for Valentine’s Day?


No problem! Take a walk with me through the Le Pavillon des Lettres, a beautiful hotel in Paris. It may inspire you to find not only love, but fresh words to inspire your literary dreams.

Choose from 26 air-conditioned rooms, each one named after an author. Yes, even XYZ are here. They said it better :

Behind each door hides the spirit of a poet, a writer, an impassioned virtuoso, a genius, which will give a special atmosphere to the room, with the help in particular of extracts chosen and printed on the walls.

And because sleep feeds on beautiful images, the guiding spirit of these texts seeks its source in the imaginary of the night, dreams and poetry.

Chambre superieure et junior suite

(I like the typographical wallpaper and the grey walls.)

Then, relax in the Salon with a cup of coffee or a cool drink. Bring your favourite book along. If you prefer to be surprised, pick a new one from the library instead.

Pavillon des Lettres - Le salon

With views of Parisian rooftops and the Eiffel Tower, the hotel is ideally suited for a romantic getaway. Even better, why not take a bunch of writer-friends and go on a word-hunting spree instead?

Found via the New Yorker. More images and information here.

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