Nautical bedrooms

Living by a water-body usually means that some influence of that blue,white,and grey may seep into your decor. I like the idea of being true to your surroundings, the history of your place and using what is around you for inspiration in your home.

A recent post on the Completely Coastal Blog has some lovely images for chic nautical bedrooms.

Framed signal flags, striped bedding and touches of red can be replicated anywhere.

framed signal flags

I like this blue. The framed ship print and dark tones of the wood complement each other.

chic bedroom with old photograph of SS Normandie

Oars are beautiful. And unexpected over a bed.

2 oars mounted above headboard

I don’t see many nautical-influences in Indian coastal homes, though. Whether we live by a river (as we do) or have a glimpse of the sea, Indian apartments don’t (generally) bother with themes. Coastal homes often have colonial influences with antiques, cane furniture, dark, gleaming wood. I’d love to see a nautical home in India – do you know of any?

More Nautical bedrooms here, on Completely Coastal.

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