Sink Planters

Up in our attic, we have not one, but two vintage porcelain sinks gathering dust (and spiders..).

I spied this gorgeous antique bathtub converted into a planter and am toying with the idea of doing something similar here as well.

Martha Stewart

Other variations on the theme:

The Angry Pincushion

JunkMarket Style


The Living Green Solution


And this one and this fabulous yellow one on Flickr.

Our vintage sinks are VERY heavy, though (I’ve not been able to move them myself and we’re contemplating hiring a couple of strong men to help us shift them!) and I’m not sure they would sit well on a metal stand, no matter how tough. Something closer to the floor might be more suitable, but we’ll have to be careful about where we place it on our wooden floors.

Any suggestions on how to use a sink? I don’t want to throw away a vintage piece.


Sudha said...

being someone who repurposes...i love this idea...waiting to see what you do

Sound Horn Please said...

Nice idea!

Purnima@a creative project said...

what a cool idea!!!

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