5 things I love but won’t work in my house right now

You know when you see a gorgeous photo and your heart goes thump-thump a bit? Like many of you, I have oodles of these images gathering e-dust on my hard disk, waiting to be pulled out as inspiration for our own space.

Well, here are 5 things are very, very lovely, but they might not work in our house right now. Here’s why:

1. Crisp white bedding. Oh my. How I’d love a bed with white sheets. But with a 2 year old child and an almost-200 year old house that attracts more dust than a Berber tent, dust issues are MAJOR, to put it mildly. Patterns, it is then, for now.

2. Floor to ceiling bookshelves. We have the tall rooms for this, for sure. The problem? I’ll give you three: It’s difficult to find competent carpenters to do a job of this calibre in Goa. Even if we do, it is likely to be prohibitively expensive. And our biggest fear? We’ll do this major project and then promptly discover a wet patch on the wall the next monsoon. Sigh.

3. Ruffled curtains. I like the idea, but where would I put them, huh?

4. Dark, dark walls. I don’t know anyone in India who has navy or gray walls. Do you?

5. A Zebra piñata. No reason why I can’t do this here. Just need to convince the family now :0

Photos via Tumblr: Think Decor/ Sweet Home Style / Bookshelves


Shanthi said...

:-). Yes to the white sheets, NO NO to the dark walls, ruffles, Zebra - Nay!!, How on earth am I going to reach the top shelves and how do I locate what I need - so a big NO NO :-)

Sound Horn Please said...

Crisp white bedding has been on my mind lately too. Have been eyeing a Pottery barn set. Loved the floor to ceiling books. Not so sure about the hanging zebra or ruffled curtains though.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

The tall book shelf has been on my list too:-)

indian yarn said...

ruffled curtains - the best idea to hide the tropical sun from beating down the house. white on white will be perfect and stylish for a minimalistic room.

tall shelves can be made by stacking crates in the pattern you want - economical means.

dark walls are great ..why shouldn't one not have them. i have seen many houses in india with dark purple and the darkest orangish red on their walls .
I had a brown wall until 4 years ago,

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