It’s Curtains for this one (Need ideas here)


See this photo? This is the informal entrance into the house. The photo is taken from the dining room looking outward, so the door is to your right (partially open).

The window with the ugly curtain overlooks the neighbour’s house. Their verandah is on a higher level – the same level as the window, actually. Which means that if it isn’t for a curtain set against the window, privacy becomes an issue.

I don’t like this kind of window-treatment. To me, it seems outdated and well, it doesn’t look nice at all. I hesitated posting this photo – not exactly flattering. Neither does it fit in with the kind of elegance of the house in general.

So, I ask you for help. What alternatives can you suggest?

Here are some problems as I see them:

  • There is a pair of windows, followed by a full length door that closes off the window when required. Which means a regular curtain rod may not really work.
  • We need a solution to keep the curtain in place – flyaway curtains defeat the privacy issue while thicker curtains will block the remaining natural light. This is a dark corner of the house, as it is.
  • My idea was to have one of those cafe-curtains – the kind that go halfway across the window and offer light and breeze while still protecting your privacy. I’d try a curtain rod at the top and bottom instead of these wire-‘rods’ that we have at the moment, just to maintain the tautness.

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Any other ideas?

Images via Southern Living, Great Interior Design, Martha Stewart, Little Emma English Home


Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

will chik blinds help u dear?

GB said...

I was going to suggest chiks too, but I see Lakshmi beat me to it! (great minds........)

Get those ultra-fine bamboo ones if you do...

If you do decide to go in for the curtains, how about adding some beads or bells to weigh them down? Even a nice pompom trim should do the trick (something like what Kanika from anek designs does best).

Remember to share pictures once you do dress it up!

Sudha said...

why not roman blinds or regular roll up ones..would look super cute

Miss Frangipani said...

Thanks, Lakshmi, GB and Sudha!

Whatever the solution, it'll have to be a bottoms-up one. Which means, that the bottom half of the window has to be covered (for aforementioned privacy reasons).

@GB: We have a terrific breeze in this area thanks to the amazing cross-ventilation here. The existing curtains billow out all the time and while the beads are a good idea, something stronger will be required to keep them in place - stones maybe! :)

I was hoping to get full-length curtains made for this space, but fitting it in with the double window/door is a problem at the moment.

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