Spray painted rocks and shells

I must admit that the idea never occurred to me until I saw the rocks that Rajee Sood spray painted gold for a shoot. They looked amazing and blended in so beautifully with her calm and peaceful decor. I was reminded of this when I chanced on this photo on Pinterest.

Aren’t these silver shells lovely? A bit too shiny, perhaps but a nice idea nevertheless. Would a different colour look better, I wonder?

Image via Pinterest

I couldn’t find any more good images of painted shells. Have you seen any?

Rocks, on the other hand, are a-plenty. See chalkboard paint rocks, painted and stencilled rocks and even a  tutorial for a rock-bookend using spray painted rocks via D*Sponge.

Have you spray painted rocks or shells?


Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

lovely shells!

GB said...

I have! Here's a picture--

warning: they're shiny! :)

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