Introducing India’s first Official BookCrossing Zone

I am delighted to be managing India’s first* Official BookCrossing Zone (OBCZ) right here in Panjim. BookCrossing, for those of you not familiar with the term, is a social networking site that connects people through books. Users register books on the site (doesn’t matter if you’ve read it or not) and then ‘release’ it in a public place for someone to find (called a ‘wild’ release) or give it to someone you know (called a ‘controlled’ release).

The OBCZ is located in Panjim Inn, one of Goa’s most popular heritage hotels. I’m grateful to Jack Ajit Sukhija for saying yes to the OBCZ and I hope you will all drop in when you’re next in Goa (or in the neighbourhood). Panjim Inn is also home to a lovely art-gallery and cafe, so please come visit our little book-box, take anything you like (Bookcrossing books are always free!) and let us know what you think.

I’ll be leaving a bundle of books tomorrow; if you’d like to give some books to this wonderful project, please leave them at Panjim Inn or send them to me. If you email thefrangipanijournals at gmail dot com, I’ll give you my postal address.

I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, and I’m glad it has finally happened!

Join bookcrossing if you haven’t already. It’s marvellous and you’ll be so glad you did. My user-id is wordsworth1612 and the details of the OBCZ are below:

The link to the PanjimInn-OBCZ

Books currently available at PanjimInn-OBCZ:

See you on BookCrossing (or at Panjim Inn!)


* I say ‘first’ because there’s no record of any other OBCZ’s in India. I’m happy to be corrected.


Sound Horn Please said...

Kudos Chryselle for making it happen! A lovely concept and nice to know that there is a chapter in India now :)

Nisha said...

gr8 news nd happy u shared here...

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