Preparing for November

From now until November, we will be working on sprucing up our house in time for the three-day festival we host every November. We have an eclectic line-up of speakers this year and I’m really looking forward to it. 

After all the cleaning we have in store for us is done and dusted with, I want to hunt for some interesting planters to keep in the house to replace the antique porcelain that gets put away during the festival. We can’t risk breakages (or theft) with the dozens of people that traipse through the house during the three days. While terracotta looks good anywhere, I’d like something more elegant and decorative this time.

 dianekeatons hse via junkgarden pot for panjim

for the turreen Jon Day Photography

large pots

pots like these with tall plants via mix dot se oppna dorren for varen


We have similar pots (below) that will get put away.

I want to have some more artwork around the house, hopefully home-made (either paintings or photographs). God knows we have the wall space for them. I want fun, fresh artwork in the kitchen and bathrooms. I’m a bit obsessed about doing this correctly, especially since we debate a lot about putting new nails into our fragile laterite walls. I was thinking of vintage advertisements for the bathroom and some bright prints for the kitchen. I want to clean and re-use vintage kitchen items already in the house like baskets, copper pots and pickle jars.

art over palanquin

In the bathroom, I want to repair and install a similar vintage medicine cabinet that we have lying around. Ours is a pale yellow and needs a bit of cleaning.

bathroom cabinet over toilet via french larkspur june 2011

I’d also love to find a good spot for one antique window that is lying around in the attic.

resuse old windows via erinrodriguez blogspot

In the middle of all these ambitious plans, I need to co-ordinate the planning, keep the speakers in the loop and most importantly, find sponsors to help with our expenses. If you know of anyone who could help defray our (rather minimal costs),do get in touch with me. We are not a big corporate event and  I would appreciate any leads for grants or like-minded funders in India or elsewhere (corporates are welcome,subject to meeting our ethical criteria). Thanks.

For more information, visit the Casa da Moeda site. And if you’re in Goa in November, drop in!

Images via Junkgarden, Jon Day Photography, Mary McDonald,, Tumblr, Source not known, French Larkspur, Erin Rodriguez.


GB said...

All the best for the festival Chryselle--hope it's a rousing success!

Sudha said...

wishing u wonderful festivities

Miss Frangipani said...

Thank you @GB, @Sudha!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

The festival sounds very interesting. I love the history of the house and the thought behind the event.

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

You have some great plans for your home and the festival...wish you all the best!

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