Genius DIY ideas for your garden

Whether you have a little patch of green on your windowsill or a large landscaped lawn, these simple ideas are totally do-able anywhere.

Forget which plant is which? Try these ingenious plant markers with old cork bottle stoppers tucked onto chopsticks. Use permanent marker to label the plant. via

garden markers

Must rope in the local municipal corporation to try this out with all the discarded tyres that we find on our roadside. Spray paint, colourful plants, magic. via

Recycled tire planters

Put that spare colander to use as a hanging basket. Perhaps for a herb in the kitchen? via

colander hanging 

Turn an old chair into a vintage planter via and via

Old chair turned into planter

Adding this to my list of things to make. :)

Turn an empty detergent container into a DIY watering can. Via

DIY Watering Can: So easy with an empty plastic liquid detergent container.  Brilliant!

1 comment:

Ambika said...

Great ideas.. a herb garden has been on my mind for sometime now! MUST get to it now..

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