Shopo Diwali Fever

Shopo is a wonderful place to buy handcrafted and unique items from some of our favourite designers and bloggers. From their stock, here’s what is on my wishlist:

These gorgeous plum and lavender cushion covers from Varnam would go beautifully with our upholstery

(actually, I want *everything* from the Varnam shop)

This Mogra High in Mumbai candle from Forty Red Bangles sounds divine


And I would like this Lokkhi Silk Tote, please


Colours Dekor and Shopo are having a giveaway on the Colours Dekor blog. Hop on over!

1 comment:

Patricia Torres said...

Oh my gosh.. thats a lovely list.. Yay!! thanks for participating.. Good luck to you!!

and .. please do link this.. to the weekly story.. :-)

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