{DIY} Frame a favorite fabric

A beautiful piece of cloth is a work of art in itself. And when there are memories woven into that thread, it makes it even more special. The images below give us an idea of the variety of fabric that can be framed and how such art might fit into a home. Watch out for the different sizes, textures and of course, prints, patterns and colours. 

This was the image that set off my desire to have framed fabric.

Stretch fabric as you would a canvas.


And here’s a tutorial on how to do it yourself at home.

Have you framed a favorite fabric?

Images 1&2 via Little Green Notebook, 3- Design Darling, 4- Real Simple, 5-A Little Great

1 comment:

Sound Horn Please said...

I have been wanting to do this FOREVER! Thanks for the tutorial Ms. Frangipani :)

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