Clay Foot-Scrubbers

On the recommendation of a mum in M’s preschool, I picked up two of these clay footscrubbers at a recent craftsmela here. For just Rs. 20/- each, these little things are simply wonderful. They are so much more effective than pumice stones and leave your feet soft after a scrub. Sole-satisfying indeed.

Have you used these?


The crafts fair was busy and packed with artisans from all over the country. There was a disappointing stock of pottery and earthenware, though. Practical things are always in demand and we’d like to see more such stuff next time.








and beautiful, textured, handmade paper




Shanthi said...

Those foot scrubbers look the job they can do. Simplest things are sometimes the best ones in life.

Sound Horn Please said...

What an absolutely wonderful idea- Clay foot scrubbers!

Sudha said...

clay foot scrubbers are popular finds in hyd...but these are so cute wth a handle!!

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