{Guest post}: Light it up!

I’m delighted to have Jessica from Arcadian Lighting share a post on lovely ideas for lighting your party and home.Whether it is a formal dinner or a spread under a summer sky, I’m sure you will find ideas to take home from this post. Thanks, Jessica!


Hi there! I'm Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful source for affordable light fixtures. Thank you for having me as your guest, Miss Frangipani! There's nothing that sets the mood for a party like beautiful, glamorous lighting. From chandeliers, to a string of twinkling lights, the lighting will definitely have an impact on your party's atmosphere. I hope you enjoy this lovely collection of rooms I've put together for lighting up a party!

The brilliant golden chandeliers in this room are all the more dazzling against an overall yellow and white colour palette. Gold spray painted chairs and gold rimmed crystal glass sparkle beautifully under the majestic light.

A simple table outdoors and a string of criss-crossing lights makes this birthday party incredibly magical. I love the brightly coloured Gerber daisies as centrepieces, too.

This swanky, modern living room is ready for a party at any time, thanks to the sparkling disco-ball-like pendant light. The colourful artwork and rug help set a fun, lively mood, as well.

A stunning cascade of crystals and bits of gold accents give this room an especially glamorous atmosphere. I love the contrast between old and new with the modern furnishings and classical molding on the walls.

The chandelier is a wonderful, unexpected touch for this backyard, but it certainly adds a glamorous, magical atmosphere. The fireplace and mantle decorations are quirky and cozy.

Colourful pendant lights automatically spell 'a good time,' and the lovely pink table setting is especially inviting too.

Candlelight is always so intimate, and setting out a jumble of candles as a centrepiece is a great way to light a party with a cozy, inviting glow. I love that the candles are in simple jars.

This eclectic loft would be an amazing place to host a dinner party. The unique ceiling lights, candelabra and swanky furniture set the mood for a fun night.

How do you like to light up your parties? Let us know in the comments! 

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