Lonny May 2012

Big Maryam on Lonny

I confess I spent most of my afternoon yesterday browsing through the latest issue of Lonny. What a spread! This issue is spectacular for its colour and focus on Morocco. Most of us are familiar with Maryam Montague of the very popular blog My Marrakesh. It was a delight to see her in not one, but two features in the magazine. Peacock Pavilions (her home and boutique hotel) is such an amazing place, so well put together. There are several other familiar faces in the magazine, including Jamie of the I Suwannee blog (the first decor blog I bookmarked and obsessed over, for her collection of bookshelf images).

My favourite home in this issue, though, was that of interior designer and shop owner Christy Ford. What an elegant home. And she has kids too :)

If you haven’t read this issue yet, go clear your desk, grab a cup of chai (or something cool) and read, read, read. This is an issue I’d have love to see in print.

Images via Lonny

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