{Guest Post} Make Yourself Happy With Easy and Inexpensive Home Décor Updates

(Tamara from ScheduleFred shares some tips on how simple and inexpensive changes to your home can lift your mood. Thanks, Tamara!)

It's always so much fun to create a new look for your home. Changing your surroundings generates a whole new perspective on life--and on what makes you happy. And despite what you might think, home décor does not have to break the bank. There are many easy and inexpensive ways to change things up and add some pizzazz whenever you feel it is needed.

Think of the following tips as economical home maintenance services for your psyche.

Take a look at your couch. If it seems a little bare, some snuggly throw pillows and a blanket or quilt are the solution. Use complementary or contrasting colours, whatever works for your mood. Or buy two-sided pillows so you can change as often as you like. If you're honest, pillows and blankets on a couch just call for you to sit and get cozy for a few minutes.

Stand in the middle of a room and look at the walls. Now picture one of those walls with a different colour that contrasts with the other walls. If you can't picture it, get some paint samples or pain cards and hang them on the wall. For the price of a quart of paint, you can make the room more interesting and fun.

What's the light like throughout your house? If you could use a little more, try half curtains in sunny colours. Having the curtains on the bottom not only provides privacy but lets the light shine in from above, and the curtain colour will add some brightness as well.

Kitchens have lots of options for easy and inexpensive updates. Add some chair pads with interesting designs, throw some paisley cotton towels on the dish drying rack, or put a beautiful wooden bowl on your table for fruit, dried flowers, or even multi-coloured marbles.

Sometimes mismatched is marvellous. In the bedroom, put two different pillowcase designs on your bed. They don't even have to match the sheets. So for the price of two pillow cases you've jazzed up your bedroom. Does your side table have a drawer? A bright new drawer knob will turn it into a whole new piece.

Some new shower curtain hooks and a retro bath rug can revitalize the bathroom without anyone breaking a sweat. A lovely new soap dish and toothbrush holder will also work magic.

What home décor really comes down to is your own creativity and style expressed in ways that make you smile every time you walk into a room. It really doesn't have to cost a fortune--but no one needs to know that except you!


Cristeen said...

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Neha Kakkar said...

This is a very nice house interior design which you share you in your article. I was trying to renovate my home in low budget, so that's why i was searching a DIY product to decore my place. thanks for sharing such a nice and of course useful article for me.

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