This is the palette I dream of in our house. You don’t often see these muted shades in Indian homes. The blush pinks, the grey, the white painted wood…these get lost among the bright, vivid colours of India. I often think about what it is about interiors like these that appeal to me, make me want to pack my bags and scoot. I think the answer lies in what these rooms imply. They promise a quieter place, for one. Both visually and literally, there’s a soothing sense of calm. Double-glazing keeps the noise and dust out (we’d die here, with closed-off doors and windows). It speaks of a simpler way of life. I miss my years in  England for these reasons. Somehow our days there were…full. Even at home, just absently gazing at the garden with our friendly neighbourhood robin dropping in to have a drink was so relaxing. We certainly did so much more, even with our jobs. I miss being tranquil. What happens to time in India?

Back to my house daydreams. Yes, I’d like a room in dove grey, with a smattering of pinks and white. Lots of natural touches, too. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Image via Decora tu Alma

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