The new look Charpoy

Stephanie de Saint Simon fell in love with Indian design during her years at an event and party planning company. She now runs ‘Ouma Productions’ a gorgeous range of Indian-inspired products including shiny zinc trunks, matka lights and a delightful fresh look at charpoys.

We’ve all seen the quintessential charpoy around, though not many are evident in urban homes anymore. I haven’t even spied one of these for sale anywhere. Perhaps they are more widely available and used in Northern India?

In any case, this reinvention by Stephanie involved colour, comfortable seating (not the scratchy jute weaving) and modern design and colour. The result? Gorgeous seating that fits into any decor.


I also loved this charpoy table – so creative!




Apart from charpoys, Stephanie’s site is full of other gorgeous stuff. I really want this matka lamp

and what about these Gond cushions (I am fascinated by the intricacy of Gond Art.)

The ‘Tali’ (Thali?) stools are so innovative too – inverted steel thalis form the base for stools!

Visit Ouma Productions for more delightful discoveries and ideas to steal for using regular Indian stuff in your own home.

Images via Ouma Productions.


Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Love that second image :)

Diane Santucci said...

Where can I purchase a charpoy in the USA or where can I order one online?

kkarthik said...

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