{Art for your Monday} Colourful Paris

I love these colour-coordinated postcards depicting Paris in all is beauty and quirkiness. I’ve often thought I could do a series like this on Goa, perhaps just with photographs. Now that’s an idea that needs following up! Love this series.

Paris Postcard Set, French Art Postcard, Yellow - 4x6 Art Prints, Paris Photography

Postcard Set - Paris Postcards Collection, Red - 4x6 art postcard - Paris Photography - Valentine Red

Postcard Set - Paris Postcards Collection, Blue - 4x6 art postcard - Paris Photography

Images via The Paris Print Shop on Etsy


vandana craftsia said...

These postcards are lovely and the colour theme makes them even more interesting. Goa definitely is a great idea for some outstanding postcards. I am sure like the countries abroad India too should execute some ideas like postcards, magnets and even art prints for people to take back as souvenirs of their trip to India.

Anonymous said...

It's such a cool idea...Might give it a try myself! :)

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