Inspired by desi bloggers - flowers in your home

I’m constantly amazed by the simple and elegant flower arrangements made by two of my favourite Indian bloggers – Lakshmi of Celebration Decor and Archana Srinivas of Rang Decor. If you’ve visit their blogs (or Facebook pages) be prepared to spend a while browsing through the gorgeous images.

Last week, I had a whole lot of marigolds left over after All Souls Day. At home, I tried my hand at prettying up some brass bowls.



The bright colour and shape reminded me of boondi laddoos!


A spot of orange (or a bunch of flowers in any colour) will brighten up the most boring corners of your home.


Visit Celebrations Decor and Rang Decor for more inspiration. Don’t forget their Facebook pages too – they are just divine! :) 


Magical Homes said...

oooh! we had the same idea. except i put flowers in a glass bowl and added a t light on top. I like your blog..i just discovered it through key bunch....

Karishma said...

You made my flower I do not like at all, look pretty. :)
You have a Pinterest stalker btw.

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