Katharine Watson :Block printed cards

Katharine Watson creates these beautiful block printed cards, hand-carved on linoleum blocks with patterns inspired by India and Indian architecture.

I’ve recently become obsessed with block printing and stamps and have picked up some blocks to experiment with. Business cards and greeting cards were on top of my list – perhaps you’ll get a block printed Christmas cards from me :)

Look at these lovely designs! I’d frame these or keep them in a hand-painted box to look at. And send a whole bunch out to people who appreciate this traditional art form, even with a contemporary twist.

Single Hand Block Printed Card and Envelope

On her Etsy shop, she’s got coasters, cards, monograms, scarves…

Five hand block printed cards

Single Hand Block Printed Card and Envelope

and a line of Christmas cards and coasters too.

And from me to you…

Thank you for being such sports! The encouragement I have received has been terrific and I’m looking forward to a more vibrant blog in 2013! Cheers!

See more of Katherine’s work here. Visit her blog (I’m going through every post now, to the detriment of impending deadlines…)

All images via Katherine Watson.


KT said...

Nice cards!! innovative

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Very pretty

Pratishtha Khan said...

Beautiful cards... Hoping for a vibrant 2013 for you.

Plastic Business cards said...

Unique design with pleasing shades that inspires me a lot..

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